Welcome to my site. I'm Rick Cogley, an experienced, bilingual, multicultural consultant and manager. I'm a founder and the CEO of eSolia Inc., an IT management firm assisting multinational corporations with their projects in Japan, and have been based in Tokyo, Japan since 1987. Please browse around my site, where you'll find some goodies such as my Blogs, a Topical Glossary, FAQs, Japan Cycling Route Maps, Command Comparison as well as some of my Photos.

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    Main Weblog

    Rick's main blog on productivity, software and management.
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    Japan Weblog

    Rick's blog on Japan. Photos with some commentary.
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    Resources for You

    Various goodies from Rick including a topical glossary, FAQs, cycling routes in Japan, his photos and other resources.
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    About this site

    Some of the background technologies that go into the making of this site.
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    About Rick Cogley

    Rick Cogley is an experienced bilingual consulting and management professional from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA, who has been based in Japan since 1987. Read more about him on this page.
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    Index of this Site

    This site's sitemap, with links to all pages.
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    Bilingual IT Management

    eSolia is Rick's consulting firm, based in Tokyo. eSolia serves global multinationals, managing their local IT departments and various projects where bilingual English-Japanese skills are a must. Read more about eSolia on this page.