You are on Rick Cogley's goodies page, that's right. Find my photos, FAQs, a DOS-Linux command equivalent table, my bike routes and training log hosted in Google Docs, and some downloadables. Browse around and most importantly, Enjoy!
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    Japanese Word Play

    Goroawase are easy-to-remember mnemonic phrases that come from Japanese numbers.
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    A picture's worth

    Visit my photo pages to see some shots of my life in Japan.
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    What's what

    This is an index of short pages that define terms used on this site.
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    Selected Links

    from Delicious

    This is my linkroll of several recent links from the Delicious link sharing web service.
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    Linux vs DOS

    CLI Equivalents

    This is a learning reference of basic Linux and DOS commands for comparison.
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    Cycling Trip Log

    This is my training log, driven by a Google Spreadsheet.
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    Route Maps

    Join Me for a Ride?

    Route maps of the routes I cycle, in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
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    Mac Beginners

    A FAQ for Apple Mac beginners.
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    Tap Tips

    for the iPhone

    Learn some shortcuts, tips and tricks such as how to enter text efficiently, force a reboot or take a screenshot and more.
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    for the Mac Keyboard

    Browse this list of keyboard shortcuts or "accellerators" for the Mac.
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    Cycling Beginners

    A FAQ for beginning cyclists.
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    Reading Into

    the Agile Manifesto

    The Agile Manifesto admonishes teams to focus on working software over comprehensive documentation, amongst other things. Are people taking it literally?
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    Thoughts On

    Principles behind Agile

    Here's some of the principles behind the Agile Manifesto, straight from the source with some interpretation by me.
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    Better 404s

    in RapidWeaver

    Tutorial on how to make custom 404 error pages and handle missing links with 301 Redirects, in RapidWeaver.
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    Served Up Hot!

    Some downloadables, enjoy!