Crumpler is an Australian bag company based in Melbourne, that makes high-quality camera bags that don’t look like camera bags. It was started as a messenger bag company in 1995 by Dave Roper and Will Miller, who were bike couriers and running a bike courier company Minuteman Messengers. Currently Crumpler operates out of several countries including Australia (, + 61 3 9372 1204), Auckland, New Zealand (+64 9 630 0753), New York, USA (+1 718 384 3020), Toronto, Canada (+1 416-847-0117) and Singapore (+65 6238 6371).

The colorful bags sport whimsical names like “Brazillion Dollar Home” or “Sinking Barge” and the Website is a zany flash-based “vending machine” that you need to experience before kicking the bucket. They have some funny, off-color product videos that are worth the bandwidth.


Crumpler Australia
Crumpler US
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