TinyURL lets you make long URLs tiny. If you have ever received an email with a long URL that is broken, in that when you click it, it leads nowhere or returns a 404 error in your browser, many times it is the length of the URL and the fact that email software cuts each line off at a particular length, that is the cause of the problem. Map software such as Google Maps or Mapion and MapFan in Japan, are good candidates for URL shortening. A long URL like this:


... becomes this:


Now we can find TinyURL’s parent, Gilby Productions. You can visit the TinyURL Website and create a tiny URL, but a neater way is to install the TinyURL-provided browser link. There is a section on the main site http://tinyurl.com called "Add TinyURL to your Browser's Toolbar". Drag the link there to your browser link bar. Now, when you are visiting a site in IE or Firefox, you can just click the TinyURL! link, and a TinyURL will be created, the URL copied to your clipboard. Convenient. 


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Google Maps

Google Maps is an online mapping web application.


Flickr is an online photo sharing service run by Yahoo.


SmugMug is an online photo-sharing service.


Twitterfeed allows you to post your RSS feeds to your Twitter stream.

Twitterfeed monitors your Really Simple Syndication or "RSS" feeds after you enter them into your Twitterfeed account. RSS feeds are lightweight text files that automatically show site content updates and are output by many types of websites including blog, photo sharing, and forum systems.



Twitter is a free, social networking “micro blog” web application that is based on the simple concept of allowing its users to answer the question “what are you doing now?”. It was conceptualized by Jack Dorsey because he wanted to know what his friends were doing. It was funded initially by Obvious, out of San Francisco CA, and then incorporated in 2007.

The simple concept is that you can follow people on twitter by clicking a button on their Twitter profile, and people can follow you. When people you are following submit a tweet, it shows up on your profile page, as well as via other methods if you have signed up to receive them - SMS, RSS, Email. You can enter an up-to-140-character “tweet” via the website or various other Twitter addon software applications such as Twitterrific, or, update your Twitter via Twitterfeed, which monitors your various RSS feeds.

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