TinyURL lets you make long URLs tiny. If you have ever received an email with a long URL that is broken, in that when you click it, it leads nowhere or returns a 404 error in your browser, many times it is the length of the URL and the fact that email software cuts each line off at a particular length, that is the cause of the problem. Map software such as Google Maps or Mapion and MapFan in Japan, are good candidates for URL shortening. A long URL like this:


... becomes this:


Now we can find TinyURL’s parent, Gilby Productions. You can visit the TinyURL Website and create a tiny URL, but a neater way is to install the TinyURL-provided browser link. There is a section on the main site http://tinyurl.com called "Add TinyURL to your Browser's Toolbar". Drag the link there to your browser link bar. Now, when you are visiting a site in IE or Firefox, you can just click the TinyURL! link, and a TinyURL will be created, the URL copied to your clipboard. Convenient. 


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